Trade employees say “no” to work on Sundays

cs“My parents fought to rest on Sunday, we can not let them.” Beatrice Simon, saleswoman at BHV , expressed Friday in Paris alongside several hundred employees trade against government plans to relax the rules on Sunday working.

Under a cloud of umbrellas, there were at least 500 employees Printemps Haussmann, 200 of the Galeries Lafayette , BHV 200 and dozens of staff Joseph Gibert, Fnac, the Bon Marché, Monoprix and brand ready-to-wear Uniqlo, according to organizers, the Inter Parisian trade Clip-P (CGT, SUD, CFDT, CFE-CGC and Unsa-SECI). They chanted “work on Sundays, it’s no, no, no, night work, it is not too” or “increase wages, not hours.”

“Exceptionally busy tourist area”

On the back of some was plastered Poster “Do not let employers vampiriser our lives.” Party boulevards, the procession headed for the city of Paris, where a delegation has been received. The mayor of the capital, Anne Hidalgo (PS), launched in June an assessment mission on Sunday working after Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs is also in charge of Tourism, was called the ranking “tourist zone exceptional abundance “of neighborhoods like the Boulevard Haussmann. The idea is to allow the opening of shops on Sundays.

Bill’s business, which will be presented in mid-December, stipulates that non-food shops can open five Sundays a year on request (not prior authorization) and up to twelve Sundays a year in total. In return, the compensation would be improved employee volunteers.


“The government is the spokesman of the MEDEF and the event is here to tell the anger of the employees,” said Karl Ghazi (CGT), very reassembled. He recalls recent “offensive” MEDEF who encrypted between 40,000 and 100,000 the number of jobs and more in the trade and distribution with Sunday opening.

Manon Cordier, saleswoman at Gibert Joseph Boulevard Saint-Michel, “eventually become a Paris tourist area in full.” It wants the MEDEF, “is ending increases” since in these areas, the employer is not required to give consideration to the employee. “We do believe in the mountains and wonderful people. Contrary to the arguments advanced by the government, work on Sundays or at night will not create jobs,” Françoise Ruotte gets angry, used to Galeries Lafayette. She said already work “regularly understaffed.”

“Part-time contracts”

For its part, Houman Ahmadi, safety inspector at Fnac laments of staff who “fell on Paris more than 800 people” in a few years. “We are already suffering every day, then work more Sundays …” he loose, annoyed. “We are largely a thousand scrolling which is a feat for the trade,” says Eric Scherrer (SECI-Unsa). In the sector, “there is 70% of part-time” and “suddenly, disengage, it’s complicated, every hour counts.”

If the event was “a great success” for the unions, they came out “not happy” with their meeting Olivia Polski, elected the mayor of Paris in charge of trade, crafts, liberal and independent professions. “The next Council of Paris will consider proposals for the mission will be in February, there are chances that by then the government has advanced enough,” Karl fears Ghazi (CGT).

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