Traffic Record for the Bootcamp-Race!

MIRABEL. The Bootcamp-Race at Mirabel was a success again this year! Nearly 2,500 participants braved the course over 6 km, consisting of 25 obstacles.

Last year, the race drew 2100 participants in Mirabel. Hundreds of volunteers helped to ensure the success of the event. Running “Bootcamp-Race Challenge”, it is a varied course that will test the determination, the courage and the perseverance of the riders. This challenge has been adapted to all, so much for a first experience of racing at obstacles to a person at the top of his form.

The race stands out in a significant way by the quality of its 25 obstacles, departures reserved for the component parent/child, the team spirit and the originality of its concept based on the achievement of military rank according to the level of each one. It is an approach to the general public that values the family and group to people of all ages. (C. A. J.)

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