Trailer of the documentary film Fahrenheit 11/9, which criticizes Donald trump

Вышел трейлер документального фильма Фаренгейт 11/9, который критикует Дональда Трампа

Famous American film Director Michael Moore released a trailer for their new documentary “Fahrenheit 11/9”. It is dedicated to in the US presidential elections of 2016, won Donald trump, as well as the first year of his tenure as head of state. The video appeared on Twitter of the publication Huffington Post.

Moore relates the victory of trump with the major crises and problems of the United States. The trailer illustrates Americans who are outraged by the slogan “let’s Make America great again”, as well as activities of right-wing organizations.

The rolled tape in American cinema kicks off on September 21. Its title refers to the film of the Director’s 2004 “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which criticized U.S. President George W. Bush. The film was awarded “Golden palm” at the Cannes film festival and became the most cash documentary release in U.S. history.

Almost all his films Michael Moore was devoted to the problems of American society. The Director criticized the health system, the financiers and armed forces of the United States. One of his last paintings “Where else to turn” (2015) talked about how different countries of the world to better his homeland. And the previous film “Michael Moore in Tremblante” (2016) also criticized the current leader of the United States.

As previously reported, on 31 August the car will be released documentary “Active measures”, which tells about the influence of Vladimir Putin in the Donald trump.

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