Training slow!

The new drive concept, the Slow Move adapts to people of all conditions.


MIRABEL. The Slow Move is a new exercise concept that revolutionary and bet on the slowness in combining strength and flexibility. It is a movement started here in Quebec.

This concept is part of the wave of the Slow Movement , which encourages people to slow down in different aspects of their life. Slow Food, Slow Living, Slow Parenting are all concepts that have as engine to slow down to enjoy time.

The new drive concept, the Slow Move adapts to people of all conditions.


The Slow Move is composed of sequences fluids of functional exercises that provide benefits, both mental and physical. The training is slowed down for better body awareness and a greater efficiency. For example, a “push-up” that takes seven seconds to the descent and seven seconds to the rise.

“No one had ever thought to slow down the movement in training to get more intensity and effectiveness. After three years of research, I am convinced of the benefits of this drive solution. The Slow Move allows you to enjoy the minutes and hours, rather than count. I am convinced that this innovation will make you shine the Québec globally,” said Danielle Danault, president of outdoor Cardio.

Live the experience

Cardio Plein Air is the only one in Quebec to offer this new training through its program open-Air Zen. A one-day initiation to this new concept of training will take place at the parc du Domaine Vert in Mirabel on June 10, at 8: 45 am. It is also possible to make a test during the first week of activities, June 26.

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Registrations are underway for the summer period which runs from 26 June to 3 September. Note that this program is suitable for all physical conditions. (C. A. J.)

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