Transgender actors have supported Scarlett Johannson, who refused the role because of pressure from the LGBT community

Трансгендерные актеры поддержали Скарлет Йоханнсон, которая отказалась от роли из-за давления ЛГБТ-сообщества

Transgender actors spoke for the right of people, does not alter gender, play any role, including transgender people.

The subject was discussed, in particular, with the participation of actors like Laverne Cox (“Orange is the new black”) and Chaz Bono (the daughter of singer cher, who changed sex) during the round table, who organised the publication Variety.

The impetus for the discussion was the story with Scarlett Johansson, which is due to the pressure of the LGBT community had to abandon the role of a transgender in the movie Rub&Tug.

In particular, the question whether cisgender people to play TRANS and Vice versa, Laverne Cox said that if we in the industry have a policy of diversity, then any actor can play any role.

In turn, Chaz Bono added that have never played a transgender and he has no such desire. He often plays cisgendered people (Russian people whose gender identity matches biological sex) and there is nothing to worry.

We will add, that not all share this opinion. For example, the American TV star is transgender Kathleen Jenner believes that TRANS characters should play a transgender.

Recall that Scarlett Johansson was approved for the role in the biopic “Rub & Tug” on the most successful criminal in the history of the American city of Pittsburgh Jean Mary Gill — women who identified themselves as male.

Later due to heavy criticism in the media and social networks, the actress refused the role of a transgender. Johansson said that deep respect for the transgender community and is ready to discuss issues of inclusivity in the industry. The actress noted that she would like to play in the film, but understands the position that this role is more suitable candidate to be a transgender actor.

As previously reported, in the TV series “Supergirl” will be the first superhero is transgender on TV.

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