Transit between Russia and Ukraine decreased five times. > > >

Транзитные перевозки между РФ и Украиной уменьшились в пять раз, - Кравцов

Transit between Russia and the Ukraine with 2012 decreased by more than 5 times. This was stated by acting Chairman of the “Ukrainian Railways” Evgeny Kravtsov, reports “New time”.

“Export-import operations permitted in/from Russia decreased several times since the beginning of hostilities. If we talk about transit, they with 2012 decreased by more than 5 times”, – he said, adding that most of Russia’s imported coal and materials for construction.

The head of “Ukrzaliznytsia” said that the loss of transit for PAT’s is a disadvantage, because such transportation make more income than domestic.

“The cost of transit traffic, mostly 4 times more expensive domestic”, – added Kravtsov.

“Today, we have communication with Russia, but passenger traffic decreases from year to year. The loss of transit, not only from Russia but also from Central Asia, due to restrictions from the Russian Federation and in other directions is a very important economic issue for the smooth operation of Ukrzaliznytsia. And the funds shortfall for the transit, it is necessary to obtain in the domestic market. For this it is necessary to raise tariffs for the domestic market,” he said.

Earlier Volodymyr Omelian announced that the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine intends to stop passenger rail transportation to/from Russia, the abolition of freight transport is not considered.

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