Treat or euthanize: when the survival of the animal, is too expensive

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Before you adopt a dog, I said to myself that it would take only a minimum amount of money, organization, and affection to provide adequately for its needs. There is, however, an important detail of the contract that I had ignored: the expiration date, and the decision that comes with it.

Memphis, a

… oops, sorry… a boxer mixed, 9 years, tears off a lot for a little. Unless you have the “luck” of finding it dead one morning, I will become, inevitably, the murderer of my best friend one day or the other.

The one that climbed trees to hunt his sworn enemies, the damn squirrels, just now to get on the couch. Our semi-marathons have become short walks cushy.

His pride prevents him from chigner, but his nose crashed to the ground and his eyes pity pointed to the sky don’t lie. It is out of print. It has hurt the life. This is the beginning of its end.

Glucosamine has been added to the diet of la p’tite old in order to relieve her arthritis pain for approximately$ 40 per month. An expense that adds to its food hypoallergenic (madam will not tolerate the brands cheap), its more frequent visits at the veterinarian and all the rest. I estimated a total of$ 1500 per year.

Up here, it can be managed. If Pierre-Yves McSween me whispering to the ear “do you really need?” I would answer yes without hesitation.

But will come a day when his suffering will be unbearable (for her, but for me also).

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I will then have the choice between a lethal injection at 180 $ and a treatment much more expensive with no guarantee of extending their stay on earth comfortable.

She is like my child, BUT…

One has only to visit the Sainte-Justine hospital to find that (good) parents are biologically programmed to ensure the well-being and the health of their child. They cannot do otherwise, even if it means sacrificing their social life, their career and their finances.

However, if I consider the beast as golden as my offspring, and like many animal lovers, the relationship remains fundamentally different.

I’m bored out of his mouth of shark, when I travel and achaler the people with our photos quétaines on Instagram, she is a chattel in the eyes of the law and it is not covered by the health insurance plan.

Since my bank account is not bottomless, contrary to the appetite of Memphis for the pesky squirrels, of heart-breaking questions are necessary.

  • Should I set a maximum amount in anticipation of the inevitable diagnosis that will require an expensive operation? 1000$, 2000$, 4000$?
  • Is there a sum sufficiently large to give me good conscience if I opt for the thrifty needle fatal?
  • Is it reasonable to dig into my savings, or I go into debt, in order to prolong its life?
  • Is it morally acceptable to pay thousands of dollars for children in the neighborhood go to school on an empty stomach?

Knowing that Canadians are spending more and more (seven to eight billion per year) for their pets, it is necessary to ask whether we have not also created versions hairy of the child-king : the dog-prince and the cat-monarch.

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Short of answers, I surveyed people who have gone through this

A friend told me they have cancelled a trip to Italy at the last minute to pay for a surgery to his old puppy magané. One can easily understand that it would not have been able to fully enjoy the relaxing mediterranean and terraces in milan, knowing that his faithful Firefox suffered martyrdom in the Villeray area.

But how many times will prevent it to travel the world for this little dog with six teeth can continue to walk painfully his neighborhood?

My father-in-law, madly in love with his Bubba, had promised not to spend more than$ 2000 if he had to choose between euthanasia and treatment.

He failed and paid the bill of$ 2500 to remove a tumor that grugeait the leg of the old Gordon Setter. Face the reality, this kind of decision in a rational and hypothetical, can quickly take the edge off.

Three months after the operation, the cancer had returned. Plagued by the guilt of finally letting go of his companion, he paid$ 250 more to keep his ashes. Have to believe that even in the mourning of our animal, one is forced to make a budgetary choice.

Some have advised me to buy insurance to do more thinking about it. So I shopped with three companies and this would cost me between 400$ and 1300$ annually, depending on the level of coverage.

It brings me back to my starting point. I have to put a price on the health and survival of my best chum… payable to a stroke or in monthly installments.

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I realize that having a dog, it is a bit like taking a mortgage on a mourning.

Ok, I’ll stop you from getting bored with my wailing self-centered, and my first world problems. Someone told me grumbling after the last 15 minutes to go to make his “business” outside. There is nothing better than to pick up a poo to change ideas.

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