Tretyakov: the Government should provide funding for Minuterna in the state budget

Третьяков: Правительство должно предусмотреть финансирование Минветеранов в госбюджете

The government should make the necessary changes to the state budget in 2019 to Finance the creation and functioning of the Ministry of veterans Affairs of Ukraine. About this on his page in Facebook wrote MP, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for Affairs of veterans, combatants, participants of the ATO and of people with disabilities Alexander Tretyakov.

The parliamentarian also urged Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman immediately submit the candidacy of the Minister of veterans Affairs to the Parliament and to launch the work of the Ministry.

“In February, the Parliament adopted a resolution on the appeal to the Cabinet regarding the creation of Minoteries. The Committee, which I chair, and community activists was conducted all the necessary preparatory work and all the achievements of the Project office for the creation of the Ministry in September was transferred to the Cabinet. MPs have repeatedly appealed to the government to expedite the establishment of the Ministry of veterans Affairs. But all this time, in response we see a demonstrative indifference. This indifference to the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have shed blood and sacrifice health for their country,” – said Tretyakov.

The MP gave information about the number of veterans and family members of victims in Ukraine. Today in Ukraine more than 3% of the population – veterans, families and military service veterans – almost 1.4 million people. This number includes 350 thousand Ukrainian citizens, who participated in the ATO/OOS, 91 thousand of Afghans, more than 42 thousand participants of peacekeeping operations. More than 4,200 combatants died in the war in the East of Ukraine died as a result of participation in it. Also, there are 7260 members of the families of the victims. In General, today in Ukraine, more than 175 thousand members of families of killed (dead) combatants. More than 7350 people as a result of the war in the East received a disability 1-3 group. Overall, the country has more than 125 thousand disabled persons due to war.

“They all deserve special attention and protection by the state. This is his first job. Is that it is impossible to ignore and unacceptable,” – said Tretyakov.


As stressed by the MP, the Ministry of veterans Affairs should be the only authority in matters of social protection and medical support for veterans and family members of victims, as well as the graves and memory of veterans, to overcome the chaos and disorder in the sphere of social protection of veterans and members of their families. The initiative of establishing the specialized Agency for veterans publicly supported President Petro Poroshenko, the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

“The creation of a Ministry of veterans Affairs is vital for the country that would not think about government officials and Ministers. I believe that the protection of the rights and interests of Ukrainian veterans – a matter of honor and dignity for the state. For me it is also a matter of personal honor, dignity, and duty to the people who with weapons in hands defended and protected the independence of our country. We were deputies, community activists, veterans and volunteers – are not going to tolerate this government’s attitude to our defenders and will press him further,” – said Tretyakov.

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