Triathlon Xtreme of Lac-Megantic: the fidelity of Eva Alexy and Roger Girard

Eva Alexy and Roger Girard, two participants from the Lac-Mégantic Xtreme Canada Man / woman Triathlon on Sunday, will not be accused of losing fidelity to their friends Daniel Poirier and Jean-Thomas Boily of Endurance Aventure , Organizers of this event

Roger Girard hopes to see the stars when he crosses the finish line at the top of Mont Mégantic.

It was at the insistence of Daniel Poirier that the two triathletes agreed to be at the starting line. “Impossible to drop friends. We embarked on this adventure even if our heads were saying no. The heart finally had the last word. We all have friends who give us less misery than that, “said jointly to the joke the two sexagenarians.

However, Alexy and Girard, respectively of Sherbrooke and Magog, are not the last ones in the endurance events. The prestigious Ironman of Hawaii has no secrets for them. In Lac-Mégantic, it will be an Ironman triathlon more to the counter for both, but this one, the name of the event says it well, will be an Ironman that stands out for its extreme and wild side with 226 km to cross In complete autonomy, without supply station.

Start of the triathlon at 4.30 am with 3.8 km of swimming. Participants will follow the 180-kilometer bike ride along the coast as far as the eye can see, and what about the 42.2 kilometer running marathon that will close a crazy day at the top of Mont Mégantic at 1105 meters above sea level. Hoping to touch the stars before midnight as the slogan of the event says.

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To declare a Roger Girard claw-without-laugh: “These damned stars need to be at the rendezvous without which my organizing friends will hear from me. ”


Girard has been a triathlete for 27 years, having 23 Ironman on his record, the Magogois qualifies Canada Man / Woman as a moron. “With the start of the swim at 4.30 in the morning, forget the hours of sleep. The bike course will then tear our hearts away with so many ribs. Yet I consider myself a good cyclist. Running will pick up our last energies. In Hawaii, I am motivated by counting the supplies I have to cross. And there are spectators everywhere because precisely it is Hawaii. In Lac-Mégantic, it will be different in many respects. The landscape is sublime, but I doubt that it is enough to make me forget my physical and mental pains and the fact that it drags on, “he said.

As with each of his participations in a race, Roger Girard will be nervous, but not for the same reasons. “I’m always nervous before an Ironman, but I know I’ll touch the finish. In this extreme Ironman, nervousness will still take hold of me, but this time it will be because I will face the unknown. ”

All Black

For her part, Eva Alexy does not hide that she will miss the comfort of the family lounge. “You must believe that friendship is stronger than anything. I was not really keen to sign up, but I ended up folding, “she says.

And how is she preparing for the biggest challenge of her career? “It will surprise you, but seeing everything in black. Cold water is not my cup of tea and at the hour you will swim, I expect the worst. There will also be, the coasts, the mountain, the solitude on such a long distance, I tell myself that it will be interminable. Once I’m gone, I’m sure it’s going to be less bad and I’m going to move forward and encourage myself. There will be no time to back down. ”

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Eva Alexy even feared her friend and organizer Daniel Poirier. “I know what he’s capable of. It will put obstacles in our legs, especially in the mountains. That’s his style. Nothing reassuring, “says Eva Alexy.

The same goes for Roger Girard. “The Endurance Adventure team has recognized expertise around the world. We will try it, but in the background, we know that we do not go in a small Sunday stroll on the road. ”

Regrets before taking action Sunday? ” Not at all. It will be crazy, we will suffer, but in the end, we will go to the organizers to give them a pat on the back and thank them for making us live this unique experience, “answer Alexy and Girard.