Trop’s favorite duo

I was too eager to see Too . And I was not disappointed. With such a title, one might have feared that the new dramatic comedy of gives in excess. But for her first series, available from Thursday at 9am, the author Marie-Andrée Labbé has found the right tone in addressing a subject yet delicate, bipolarity. The kind of series that makes you laugh and moves you in the same scene.
Disappointment for 32-year-old Isabelle Desbiens (Evelyne Brochu), who was the director of the multidisciplinary center where she has been working for nine years. But the promotion escapes him to the benefit of Myriam Champagne (Anne-Marie Cadieux), which soon imposes itself as the “bitch” of service. “I just missed a Chanel tailor and a 600-pound pen!” Says Isabelle to her boss, humiliated at seeing this sufficient woman rob her of the post. His sister Anaïs (Virginie Fortin) chose that day to land the Saguenay with his luggage. A girl not restful, emotionally unstable, but hyper intelligent. As much as she has the gift of putting her sister in trouble, she will know how to get it out more than once. Very different from each other, the two complement each other perfectly.
When Marc-Antoine (Éric Bruneau), the ex of Isabelle, recalls in his life, everyone fears the worst. “You deceived me and you ruined my life, big cellar!” She said, visibly still in love. Marc-Antoine has rebuilt his life, but his new relationship is clearly only a thread. His carelessness and naivety make him believe that he still has his place in the life of his ex. Isabelle has a neighboring director, Romain (Pierre-Yves Cardinal), who adds from the first day Anaïs to his long collection of adventures. The manic phase of bipolarity raising the libido, Anaïs will benefit. And one senses in Romain, under the underside of runner, a great heart and a real interest for this new conquest, different from all the others.
The dramatic talents of velyne Brochu in Aveux and in The Promise were appreciated . But for Virginie Fortin, that we saw rather in sketches ( SNL Quebec , the new show ) and like humorist on stage, it is a first. And it passes the ramp, in a role not obvious, that of a young woman who receives a diagnosis of bipolarity. One might find the girl who invades the space of her sister unbearable without asking her opinion. One might be fed up with her excesses, but on the contrary, one takes affection for her rather quickly. And one sympathizes when in full psychosis, she enters psychiatry, with patients struggling with much deeper disorders.
All of Trop’s production has been bathed in a feminine universe, that of the author and actresses, but also directors Louise Archambault ( Nouvelle adresse ) and Chloé Robichaud ( Sarah prefers the race ), as well as producers at Sphere Media Plus . The female characters are in the majority, but this is not a feminist statement. In the game of comparisons, Too adopts a more offbeat and humorous tone than Les Simone , for example. Unlike many series on the Y, the characters of Too are not narcissistic or cynical to the utterance. Isabelle is even too patient, too generous, eventually getting lost through all those who abuse her space.
Many liked the reports of Anaïs with his benevolent physician, played by René Gagnon. “Did you make happiness, that’s an illness, crunch?” She asks in a manic phase, too happy for it to be normal. Beautiful character that that of the mother of the girls, played by Louise Portal, loving and tender towards them.
Funny and touching, Too is not a series that grafotes or wants to be a social critic, but knows to be believed at times. The scenes of fuck are numerous, but one is not in the vulgarity.
There are moments of burlesque, never to the point of dropping out, as when Emmanuel Bilodeau locks himself up in his home, incapable of honoring a performance contract, himself struggling with a manic disorder. Here is a charming series, which is easily tamed, and from which one comes out smiling. I buy it.
The first two episodes of Trop are available for free on HERE To see the next 11, go to, available in the Extra. Or wait, since the series will be broadcast on an indeterminate date on ICI Radio-Canada Télé. On line for a month, the new platform of Véronique Cloutier has filled up with views. “The bet is won,” says CEO Dominique Chaloult. The Les Morissette and moi series is the most watched show in this paying environment.

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