Truck-restaurants: the City unveils its regulations

Quebec City On Monday, the City of Quebec passed the regulatory framework for the two-year pilot project, authorizing truck restaurants this summer. It will cost $ 500 in the first year to occupy one of the ten licensed sites, to which other locations may be added.
“Julie Lemieux, vice-president of the executive committee responsible for culture, heritage and heritage, said that following the call launched on March 6, some fifteen restaurateurs were interested in the project. territory planning.
The sites that will be able to host restaurant trucks from June 15 to October 31 in 2017 are: Sainte-Foy Open Air Base and Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde Parks, Anse-à-Cartier, Victoria-Simon-Napoleon-Parent area, Willows (O’Neill House Parking), Jonh-Munn, Girardin, Étienne-Parent / Piscine de Giffard, Pool Saint-Roch and the pond of the Coast in Beauport.
The City specified that other sites could be added during the summer. Each week, a site will be allocated to each restaurant truck. The award of the sites and the order of attribution will be made at the beginning of the season according to a draw among the qualified candidates and possessing a certificate of authorization, continues the statement.
The cost of the certificate of authorization is $ 500 in the first year. Next year it will be $ 750, valid from April 1 to October 31.
The regulatory framework also stipulates that interested restaurateurs must have a place of preparation or a restaurant on the territory of Québec City in order to submit their application. The nomination period is from April 3 to 18. The choice of restorers will be announced on April 26th.

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