Trucks of the company “KAMAZ” will get a new face

The company “KAMAZ” gathers once again to upgrade your classic car produced since 1976. The network got photos of pre-production prototypes of the updated trucks, pictures published public RCI News.

After restyling replaced platinovogo bumper will come pressed steel, marker lights and DRL will be led. It is noteworthy that the bumper is divided into large segments with external bolt fixings, which provides a more comfortable repair in the event of an accident.

Judging by the pictures, inside the cabin will be a new front panel, improved ergonomics, and 4-spoke multifunction steering wheel. KAMAZ trucks will be equipped with mirrors with heating and electric drive, electric Windows, extra pockets, full glove box, sun visors and redesigned. In addition, the new door trim and the steering column, been refining the system of ventilation and heating. Control units, optics, mirrors and Windows of cars KAMAZ will get from LADA Kalina.


The upgrade will not affect the technical component machines. They will continue to offer diesel engines KAMAZ and Cummins. Serial production of the modified trucks will be launched in June this year.