Trudeau is asking Canadians to pledge to make a difference

Photo: Justin Tang, The canadian Press
The canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau

Ottawa — In his annual message of Christmas, the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, urged his fellow citizens to volunteer, to lend a helping hand to their neighbours or even to listen to others.

According to him, Canadians have demonstrated in 2017 that ” diversity is [their] strength “.

Mr. Trudeau encourages them to commit to making a difference ” for the new year and the years to come.”

It is also a demand to take the time to think about the sacrifices made by the military ” to protect us “.

“At the time of the 150th anniversary of Confederation coming to an end, we all have a role to play to make our world a better place. For the new year and for years to come, let us make a pledge to make a difference. “