Trudeau will not have to testify before a committee on his vacation at the home of the Aga Khan

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick, The canadian Press
Justin Trudeau has been severely blamed by commissioner Dawson in a report entitled ” The report Trudeau “.

The liberals provide their leader Justin Trudeau to an obligation to appear before the standing committee on ethics to answer questions of elected officials on the holidays he spent on the private island of the Aga Khan.


The six liberal members of parliament’s standing committee on ethics met in executive session blocked on Tuesday a motion that would have forced the prime minister to present to the committee in mid-January, before the resumption of parliament.


A request is “reasonable”


The conservative mp Peter Kent, who had filed the motion, argued the liberal members of parliament sitting in front of him that this request unusual, was completely ” reasonable “.


His colleague néodémocrate Nathan Cullen has made a similar argument, claiming that Justin Trudeau had promised to be above ethical reproach, and because of this hitch, it now had to be accountable to parliamentarians.


It was in vain : thanks to the majority which they have in committee, the liberals have prevented the adoption of the motion is conservative.


The elect liberal Nathaniel Erskine-Smith has argued that the report of the commissioner of conflict of interest and ethics, Mary Dawson, he was said to have read two times, ” speaking of himself “.


He said that the prime minister would have the opportunity to respond to the issues of Canadians in the framework of the tour of public meetings in which he gave the kick-off on Tuesday night in Halifax, and then at those of the elect at the return of the Holiday break.


Blame severe


Justin Trudeau has been severely blamed by commissioner Dawson in a report filed a few days before Christmas, entitled ” The report Trudeau “.


The commissioner has determined that he had violated four articles of the Law on conflict of interest by agreeing to spend a few days with friends and family on the private island of the Aga Khan, the Bahamas.


Because these holiday accepted by Justin Trudeau and his family “could reasonably give the impression that they have been offered for the influence in the exercise of his office as prime minister,” ruled dr. Dawson in his report.


In the beginning of the day, at the microphone of the CBC, the main concerned had refused to say whether he would have agreed to testify before the committee if he had been forced to do so, implying that the objective of this request of the opposition was to score political points.


He specified that he was happy to work with the commissioner of conflict of interest and ethics on this subject, that Canadians did not see this politicized debate.