Trump confirmed that he may meet with Kim Jong-UN in early 2019

Трамп подтвердил, что может встретиться с Ким Чен Ыном уже в начале 2019 года

The President of the United States Donald trump confirmed that the next meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN can be held in the beginning of 2019. About it reports Reuters.

It is noted that on the eve of the President’s statement, the US state Department postponed a meeting Secretary Mike Pompeo with representatives of the government of North Korea. Trump said that the changes were made due to “visits that occur,” but did not elaborate on what exactly was going on.

“We plan to meet another day. However, we are pleased with how everything is going with North Korea. We think everything is in order. We are not in a hurry,” he said.

The next summit of heads of States and the DPRK is at the stage of planning.

“Somewhere in the next year, I’d say somewhere in the beginning of next year,” – said trump.

Recall June 12 in Singapore hosted the first ever meeting between the current US President with the leader of North Korea. The main theme of the summit on nuclear disarmament of the DPRK and reduce tensions between States.

Kim Jong-UN and Donald trump shook hands on the background of flags of the United States and the DPRK. At the end of their meeting, the sides signed a historic document and has promised a significant change for the world.

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