Trump intends to call Jerusalem the capital of Israel

The President of the United States Donald trump officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. To do this he is going to have 6 Dec. The relevant information provided to the American edition Associated Press with reference to the press service of the White house.


In Washington focuses attention on the fact that the recognition of the Holy city the Israeli capital is not a political measure, but rather a result of the adoption of the historical and contemporary reality. The communique notes that Jerusalem has long been placed all government organizations, and tel Aviv is the capital in name only. There just are located foreign embassies, including the us.

At the same time in the US is going to continue to insist on the status quo of the Temple mount, despite the imminent granting Israel the status of the capital and the recognition of this fact by the White house. The us leader and his entourage are optimistic and hope to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.