Trump paid $ 36.5 million in taxes in 2005

The White House said President Donald Trump had earned US $ 153 million in revenue in 2005 and had paid US $ 36.5 million in income taxes in that year.
This information was unveiled shortly after MSNBC host Rachel Maddow reported receiving some of Mr. Trump’s 2005 tax returns.
Maddow reported on her show on Tuesday night. The documents were obtained by Pulitzer reporter David Cay Johnston, who said they had received them in the mail, unsolicited.
According to documents obtained by Mr. Johnston, Mr. Trump paid US $ 36.5 million in income taxes of US $ 153 million, for a tax rate of about 24%. This rate is higher than the average of 10% for the average American annually – but below the average of 27.4% for taxpayers with annual revenues of more than $ 1 million. According to data from a congressional committee on taxation.
The White House had tried to prevent the blows, saying that publishing tax returns was illegal. The Trump administration said it was desperate to want ratings to be ready to “break the law for a two-page story on a tax form that was over ten years old.”
Mr. Trump refused to disclose his tax returns during the election campaign, breaking with a tradition of several decades. He argued that it was subject to verification.
He argued for a long time that the American population was not interested in his tax returns and that they were not revealing. But his complete declarations would provide key details including donations and income earned each year.
His rival Hillary Clinton had attacked him on this front many times, suggesting that he had things to hide.
The White House has not indicated whether Mr. Trump intended to disclose his tax documents during his tenure as president.

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