Trump showed Kim Jong Ynu film about the future of North Korea (video)

Трамп показал Ким Чен Ыну фильм о будущем Северной Кореи (видео)

Trump was surprised by Kim’s Hollywood trailer
Source: GettyImages/Global Images Ukraine

Donald trump showed Kim Jong Ynu movie about the past and present of the two Koreas. A four-minute film “Story of possibilities” shows that he expects the residents of North Korea if its leader will choose war. The video appeared on the Facebook page of the White house.

In the case of the guide to peace and friendly relations, Kim Jong Ynu promise of new technology and the hero status of Koreans. And by Koreans food, medicine, and good roads. Video made in the spirit of the best of Hollywood trailers.

Recall Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN following the meeting, signed the agreement. However, even the commitment to the world will not save North Korea from the sanctions, says the President of the United States.