Trump takes on Snoop Dogg because of a controversial clip

Donald Trump attacked the rapper Snoop Dogg on Wednesday morning after a video clip in which he shot a children’s pistol at the president’s clown.
“Can you imagine the outcry if Snoop Dogg – missed career and all this – had shot President Obama? Prison sentence, “he said in a morning tweet that he customized.
Most of the actors appearing in the clip of the title Lavender , released on Monday, are made up like sinister clowns. One of them clearly evokes Donald Trump, with a blonde wig, tanned complexion and a big red tie.
Baptized Ronald Klump, the clown raises his hands in the air as if stopped by Snoop Dogg, who releases a pistol from which springs a red flag marked with the word “Bang”, recalling the cartoons.
“I tell myself that lots of people make cool records, have fun, party, but that nobody really cares about the real problem with this … clown who serves us as president,” said the veteran rapper To Billboard magazine.

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