Trump urges Republicans to repeal Obamacare

“After seven years of a horrible Obamacare (bonuses and a third-paying who blaze, bad care), here is the chance to have a good plan” health, launched the president on his favorite Twitter media.
He has put his full weight in the balance, even going personally to Congress to try to convince the seditious Republicans for whom the law is going, either too far in dismantling the flagship legislation of former President Barack Obama is not enough , As is the case with the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus.
A rejection of what was one of the main promises of the presidential campaign would be a huge personal failure for Donald Trump, who built much of his image on his talents as a negotiator.
Mr. Trump put forward the argument of the fight against abortion to try to convince the “Freedom Caucus” to rally to a text whose members believe that it does not give enough the bridle to the market.
“The irony is that the” Freedom Caucus “which is very opposed to abortion and Planned Parenthood, will allow PP to continue if they stop” this law, “tweeted the president again.
A procedural hearing must be held at 2 pm in the House of Representatives before the final ballot at around 8 pm.

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