Trump’s attacks: Trudeau refuses to throw oil on fire

(Ottawa) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refuses to throw oil on fire, preferring not to respond directly to US President Donald Trump’s attack on “unsightly” business practices in Canada this week , Particularly on the issue of supply management in the dairy sector.

At a press briefing Friday in the House of Commons home, while receiving Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni of Italy, Trudeau said that the vast majority of countries support in one way or another Another, their agricultural sector, and that they were serious about defending the Canadian supply management system for milk, eggs and poultry.

He said it was normal that trade disputes would arise from time to time between two long-standing allies and partners, Canada and the United States. But he added that these trade disputes, he said, must be resolved on the basis of facts and with respect.

“In terms of agriculture, there is not one country in the world that does not support its farmers in different ways and the approach we have here in Canada is good for Canada, for our Farmers, and I will continue to defend supply management, “said Trudeau first.

“Obviously between friendly countries and allies, … there will be issues that will be raised from time to time, which will require a little more discussions and negotiations. But we will always address these issues with arguments that are rooted in the facts, with a defense of our interests, because that is what Canadians expect, but always done in a respectful and collaborative way. That is what Canadians expect from their Prime Minister in relation to our commitments with the United States, “the Prime Minister added.

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Twice this week, President Trump made a strong outcry against Canada’s business practices in the agricultural sector, including the supply management system and denouncing the government’s support for Canadian lumber industry.

“We can not let Canada or anyone else take advantage of the situation and do what it has done to our workers and our farmers, ” Mr. Trump said in the oval office on Thursday .

“This includes timber and energy. We will have to sit down at the negotiating table with Canada very, very quickly, “he added.

The Chair said he would have a longer say on the negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in a few weeks, but suggested that in the meantime he would Harden the tone.

Earlier this week, the US president was just as scathing about dairy in a speech in the state of Wisconsin. “Canada, what it has done to our milk producers, is unsightly. It’s disgraceful, “he said. Rules, regulations, different things have changed – and our farmers in Wisconsin and New York are forced to quit.