Trump’s childhood home sold $ 2.9 million

Donald Trump’s childhood home in the Queens district of New York was sold for $ 2.1 million (CDN $ 2.9 million), significantly higher than the average price of neighborhood residences, but less than The expected price.
The residence, located in the rather wealthy neighborhood of Jamaica Estates, in the eastern part of Queens, was inhabited by the president during the first four years of his life. The address is on his birth certificate.
He then moved to another, bigger house, which his father, Fred Trump, had built nearby.
When Donald Trump appeared in the talk show “The Tonight Show” on NBC in September, Donald Trump evoked the house, saying it was “sad” that it went on sale and launched “I want to buy it” .
Asked by AFP, the head of the real estate agency who organized the sale of the residence, Misha Hagani, did not mean the identity of the buyer, Was not Donald Trump himself.
The manager of Paramount Realty USA also did not wish to reveal the number of offers submitted at the auction, which was closed in mid-January. The sale has just been finalized, according to a statement released on Monday.
The price awarded is significantly higher than that of equivalent properties located in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood (around $ 1.6 million), but lower than the agency hoped.
Misha Hagani estimated that the auction could close above $ 3 million, supported by the election of Donald Trump.
The exterior of the one-storey house is a mixture of imitation British style Tudor, half-timbered, and red brick.
Built in 1940, it has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a toilet.
The property was originally to be auctioned in mid-October, but the owners finally opted to withdraw it from the market, pending the outcome of the presidential poll.
In the process of divorce, they then decided, to the surprise of all, to sell the house, for $ 1.4 million, to an anonymous purchaser who had manifested itself. It was this new owner who decided to hand over the house to auction.

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