Tuberculosis in kindergarten teacher kindergarten in Chernihiv: the criminal proceedings are opened

Туберкулез у воспитательницы детсада в Чернигове: Открыто уголовное производство

Upon detection of tuberculosis in kindergarten teacher kindergarten in Chernihiv opened criminal proceedings. This was reported in the press service of the Chernihiv local Prosecutor’s office.

“Chernihiv local office of public Prosecutor by results of processing of messages in the media about revealing a worker’s pre-school educational institution No. 66 Chernihiv city Council open form of tuberculosis began criminal proceedings on signs of the criminal offense under part 1 of article 130 of the criminal code of Ukraine (“Deliberate placing of another person in danger of infection by human immunodeficiency virus or any other incurable contagious disease dangerous to human life”).

Earlier it was reported that in Chernihiv kindergarten № 66 from educators during the examination was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Room, where he worked as a music teacher, was treated with disinfectants. However, the institution is not closed on quarantine, it works normally.

Pupils of the kindergarten plan to re-test in connection with contact with TB patients, in particular to conduct x-ray examination.

She is now a teacher in the regional TB dispensary.

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