In Turkey, opposition journalists arrested

According to media reports, December 14, Turkey 23 people detained by supporting the opposition movement.
In Turkey arrested Akram Dumanli – editor of one of the largest newspaper Zaman, opposition to the ruling regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Reported by the international media.

According to a report from the Turkish police special forces to combat terror came to the December 14 edition of Zaman in Istanbul. However, the police had to retreat because of protest readers who gathered near the publisher. They chanted “The press can not be forced to remain silent.”

Employees of the newspaper and its readers learned in advance about police activities through anonymous messages in social networks of power to start hunting objectionable journalists.

According to media reports, December 14, in Turkey detained 23 people for supporting the Gülen movement – Islamic public figure, a longtime opponent of Erdogan, who lives in the US. Among those detained are police officers, journalists and television producers.

According to human rights groups, Erdogan declared war on independent media and the main opponent of the president was conservative Zaman, which according to Erdogan, connected with Gulen.

Turkish authorities have previously brought charges against Gülen supporters for trying to make a coup.

As you know, Erdogan holds Gulen responsible for the corruption scandal that erupted a year ago, and traces of which are in the highest echelons of power.

According to media reports, soon the police intend to detain another 150 journalists involved in exposing corruption scandals in government and criticized Erdogan regime.

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