TV channels of Ukraine has allowed to show the “Irony of fate” 2 years later

Kiev allowed to broadcast on the territory of Ukraine of the Soviet Comedy “Irony of fate or with light steam”. Famous movie back on the screens of the country after a two year hiatus.


According to the head of Goskino Philip Ilyenko, materials act of 2015, which banned all films which had been worked by the persons included in the black list by the Ukrainian authorities. Ilyenko says what the law says on the prohibition of the screening of the film, if one of its members included in the list of persons that represent a threat to national security of Ukraine, but the law also has a definition of “participant”. The head of state continues that in such categories of individuals include people who participated in the creation of films that were released after 1991.

TV channels of Ukraine after the adoption of this law ceased to show the “Irony of Fate”, which starred Tatiana Talyzina. SBU was included into the black list, as it has also signed a letter in support of Vladimir Putin regarding his policies on Ukraine and Crimea.
Now Comedy pardoned, like many other Soviet films. Tape Eldar Ryazanov will again be show in the new year celebration.