TV presenter Boris korchevnikov revealed the real reason for leaving “Live”

Boris korchevnikov revealed the real reason for his departure from the show “live”. The presenter explained that his dismissal is due to the fact that he simply did not have enough time and energy to two of the proposed project.


Recently a young man underwent surgery to remove the tumor affecting hearing loss.
It has been rumored that this contributed to the cause of withdrawal from the project “live”, hotcontent said that today his health is not threatened, and the condition of its wonderful, as was the rumor.

The actor was offered the place of head of the channel “Spas”, and in its place was an invited presenter Andrei Malakhov, Boris was very pleased, saying that no one else better not have done it with this post.
According to the young man, he is now the most serious thing in his life, helping people to look at religion from a different angle.