Twitter has increased the limit of the lengths of the names in the two and a half times

Social network Twitter was informed about the next update. Now the names might be longer than two and a half times.


This week ocportal has made it possible for users to exchange messages with a length of 280 characters – the previous restrictions did not allow for time to send another user a message whose length exceeds 140 characters. The next step in the administration of the microblogging service was the decision to allow users to use accounts with longer names. Previously the size of a personal identifier on the user page could not exceed 20 characters. Now it became permissible length even 50 characters. This will allow users of the social network to give more information.

It is reported that the length of the names of the users, integrated into the URL remains the same. – 15 marks. According to the third quarter, the number of active Twitter users reached 330 000, 000 units per month. Administrators fixed four percent increase compared to the third quarters of last year.