Two American doctors cured of Ebola

Doctor Kevin Brentli
Doctor Kevin Brentli

Two Americans who are sick in Liberia for Ebola and were evacuated to the United States, discharged from the hospital in the state of Georgia. Doctors noted that patients fully recovered from a dangerous illness.
Reportedly,nurse Nancy Raytbol and Doctor Kevin Brentli ill with Ebola, when the task Charitable Foundation assisted patients in Liberia. A special plane was taken to the United States, physicians have been intensive treatment in hospital infectious disease ward Emoriyskoho University in Atlanta.
During treatment Raytbol and Brentli used experimental drug ZMapp, developed by the California pharmaceutical company. According to doctors, patients fully overcome a virus and there is no danger that they can transmit it to others.
It was reported that the number of deaths from Ebola increased to 1 thousand. 350.

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