Two beautiful fools for the Expo

CHRONIC / “It’s his fault!” “Oh, do not talk about it!” “No, it’s not possible!” Tasty to see these two former collaborators correct themselves and tease themselves through their narrative of Expo 67, Sunday to Everybody speaks about it .

When you think about it, what Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien and Yves Jasmin have accomplished is colossal. Respectively Chief Operating Officer and Director of Information, Publicity and Public Relations at Expo 67, my two stars of the game had only four years to get everything up; The team before they had resigned, feeling that she would never have enough time. “They were looking for a crazy Canadian-French,” says De Gaspé Beaubien. They had found it.

The latter had to insist that La Ronde be created, which the leaders found too costly. While he had visited only Belmont Park, he took one of the big bosses to the Tivoli Gardens in Denmark and asked Walt Disney for advice to convince the most skeptical.

The duo proudly recalls the unexpected success of the adventure: 200,000 visitors were expected per day, 350,000 on the first Friday and 550,000 on Saturday. The target of 30 million visits was largely exceeded, there were 55 million. Among the masterpieces of Yves Jasmin, an advertisement in Life magazine , shot nine million copies, inviting the Americans to come and meet the enemy, the USSR. The Expo was 10 times more expensive than expected, but Jasmin believes that Quebec has emerged as a winner.

At the age of 88, the great Gilles Vigneault maintained his enthusiasm for words with enthusiasm as much as he wrote by hand or typist. And he passes it on to the next generation. For over ten years, he has seen more than 50, names like Safia Nolin, sisters Boulay, Fanny Bloom, Alex Nevsky, to whom he teaches to write verse. “I say to all the young people who are listening:” Demand the demand! ”

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In the documentary Le goût d’un pays , by Francis Legault, he exchanges with Fred Pellerin, and makes a metaphorical link between maple syrup and Quebec identity. Both owners of sugar bushes, the two share “the same way of seeing the world through their village”. There is no need to buy Vigneault syrup, the great poet does not sell it, he gives it.

Hydro Survey

Christine Beaulieu knew almost nothing about Hydro-Québec before creating I Love Hydro , her documentary theater. She had to do her own investigation of the crown corporation, meet specialists, aboriginal people, even Pierre Arcand, and even Hydro’s president, Éric Martel, which Roy Dupuis had not succeeded for his Film about La Romaine. From 35 minutes to its creation, the show lasts four hours and will be resumed at the Just for Laughs Festival.

About this very strong symbol of our history, the actress of the film Mirage sees new energies take over the hydroelectricity, from solar energy to wind turbines. What will be worth in 30 years our dams designed for 100 years ?, she wonders. Good news, the real estate agent of character will be back in the next season Fishers .

The Minister of Education, Sébastien Proulx, had to justify the $ 1.5 million awarded to the Lab-school project of Ricardo Larrivée, Pierre Thibault and Pierre Lavoie. He recalled that it was the three men who came to make the proposal and trusted them to provide a more stimulating environment for the students. According to the minister, we should never have stopped teaching sex education, as well as the economy in our schools. He said he was ready to bring back this last matter in the autumn, despite the opposition of the trade union centers. The minister promises important work to beautify our schools during the school break. The card of the king’s madman: “I find you very nice, but at the speed we change from Minister of Education to Quebec, I do not like to be attached.”

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Marie-Jeanne Rivard, whom we saw for two seasons in Flip de Girl at Moi & cie, now has its eco-responsible boutique hotel, Boxotel, a concept to compete with Airbnb. The general contractor in construction, who specializes in house flips, wants her dwellings to be as beautiful as functional and practical, a marriage not always evident in modern design. She had studied neuropsychiatry to understand depressive people around her, but the manual appeal of the renovation was stronger. She manages a world of guys, some prefer to talk to her boyfriend rather than her.

Ambassador of the Défi sportif AlterGo, which brings together athletes with a disability, Hugo Girard did not feel intimidated at school, but felt separated because of his corpulence. Already at 12, he wanted to become the strongest man in the world, and he succeeded. In At your own risk to escape, he runs the most dangerous cities in the United States, where his physical commands respect. In Atlanta, he met a drug dealer named Snow, a drug dealer who bears his name well and who took his goods out in front of the camera. The life expectancy of a street gang member out there: 23 years. To conclude this penultimate broadcast of the season, Hugo Girard refuted the words of the strong man Jean-François Caron, who had accused him on the same tray of wanting the ”