Two camps in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Два лагеря в израильско-палестинском конфликте

Two camps in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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The decision trump caused a storm of protests from the Arabs. Photo: REUTERS

On Friday, the Islamic world will decide whom to support in the dispute over Jerusalem.

New the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, caused by US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the us Embassy there, has led to the creation of new blocs and alliances in the middle East. Of the Arab countries silently support the US and Israel, and the other part of the Islamic world strongly opposed. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” understood in a new configuration of alliances in the middle East.

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt for the US and Israel

Formally, Saudi Arabia although it condemned the transfer of the American Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but her interests and the interests of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan are now more coincide with the position of the US and Israel, than with the position of the other Islamic countries.

The fact that the Syrian conflict and new challenges in Israeli-Palestinian relations are now tied not so much on the recognition of a Palestinian state, but rather on the issue of who becomes the de facto leader of the Islamic world.

Saudi Arabia and other Sunni countries of the Arabian Peninsula fear the growing influence of Iran, which seeks to dominate the middle East. And for this they are now more profitable to support the US and Israel in the dispute with Tehran, which in its quest to become a political leader of Muslims actively uses anti-Israel rhetoric.

Until recently, countries in the Arabian Peninsula and their neighbors used the policy of three “no” against Israel. There is no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel and no negotiations with it. But now Egypt and Jordan renounced this policy and signed a peace Treaty with Israel. And the Arab monarchies – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates – also ready for a formal review of its policy towards the Zionist state.

The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Bin Salman in an interview to an Egyptian newspaper recently declared that it is necessary to change the usual “axis of evil”. “Modern triangle of evil is Iran, groups of religious extremists and Turkey.” In addition, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, supported the decision of the trump of withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran.

Iran and Turkey – against America

In addition to Iran against us-Israeli Alliance in the region is Turkey. This country strongly condemned the killing of about 60 Palestinians on the opening day of the us Embassy and convene an emergency summit of the organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) to be held on Friday, may 18, in Istanbul.

The OIC consists of 57 Muslim countries which comprise 1.5 billion population of the Earth. What will be the decision of the summit, it is now difficult to predict because of the OIP includes the current allies of the US and Israel – the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, and their main opponents – Iran and Turkey. So the meeting promises to be very problematic. Formally the country of the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Jordan condemn the transfer of the American Embassy to Jerusalem, but, most likely, will refrain from drastic steps against Israel.

And Turkey now, and so developed a complicated relationship with the United States and Israel. Turkish-Israeli relations also deteriorated significantly, and the trend of further geopolitical rivalry between Israel and Turkey in the region will only increase. Because of the events around the American Embassy Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called Israel “a terrorist state” and Turkey recalled its Ambassador from Israel. And tel Aviv in response expelled the Turkish Consul.

And, of course, these unions have their place and Russia. Lately in all the processes of the middle East, particularly the Syrian conflict, there has been a strong Alliance between Russia, Iran and Turkey.