Two of the passenger train head-on collided in Switzerland

Два пассажирских поезда  лоб в лоб  столкнулись в Швейцарии

Two passenger trains “a forehead in a forehead” has faced in Switzerland [Video]
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Switzerland faced two passenger trains

In a railway accident injured at least 30 people.

In the North of Switzerland, there was a head-on collision of two passenger trains on Monday, July 29. The accident happened near the train station of the city Grunge-pre-Marnan around 19:00 hours local time (20:00 Kyiv time).

As a result of collision has suffered, according to different sources from 30 to 44 people. The place of the accident are currently working firefighters, rescuers and doctors, according to German news Agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

The train stopped between the settlements of Payerne and Polesie. Causes of a train crash is not yet known.

We will remind, last week the world was shocked with another disaster: high speed train EN route from Madrid to the seaside Ferrol, crashed in Santiago de Compostela. All 13 cars derailed. It is known that the driver exceeded speed on the turn – the train went into a turn at speeds of 190 km per hour.

On Sunday evening, the Spanish court was charged with the negligent homicide of Francisco Jose Garzon AMO, the train driver. Many believed that 52-year-old Garzon AMO is under arrest, but the court decided otherwise. After two hours of questioning the man was released under recognizance not to leave.