Two officers ack blew themselves up along with 12 Russian paratroopers

feat officers
feat officers

Pursuant to an order to gain one of the divisions of ATO was drafted and sent to a specified area MANPADS two departments led by the commander of anti-aircraft missile battalion, Major Alexander Kandesyukom. He, along with the assigned personnel, moved to the specified position. Having made the march, anti-aircraft arrived at the location battalion group. On subsequent events reported in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
Check antiaircrafters to locations coincided with the time when the Ukrainian border through breakthrough occurred Russian troops with the standard military equipment. It is learned that it was a 331 commando regiment, the bases of which is located in Kostroma. As a result of the onset of the Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine 51st Brigade was surrounded, and with it the newly arrived reinforcement. Russian troops immediately opened fire on the Ukrainian position on all their available weapons.
“As of August 25 evening most of the battalion tactical group was removed from the unit. Whereas survive in this hell no chances, it was decided to go for a breakthrough from the environment. Mayor Alexander Kandesyuk with Major Alexei Shepeliuk, commander of the anti-missile batteries, led vanguard of a breakthrough with his department – a sergeant and two soldiers. vanguard and ran into an ambush “- reported in the Defense Ministry.
As a result of a major battle Kandesyuk received several wounds from enemy machine gun. Major Shepeliuk officer rushed to withdraw from the fire, and when you try vidtyahty comrades and he was seriously wounded. The rest of the avant-garde was fired with machine guns, mortars – all personnel suffered severe injuries.
General group through barrage fire was unable to come to the aid of friends and had gone to the base camp, took the defensive perimeter.
“On the future of the avant-garde, witnesses say they saw a wounded Ukrainian soldiers surrounded the 12 Russian paratroopers, and, at gunpoint, trying to capture a prisoner. Enemies When creating a ring approached to a distance of several meters, Ukrainian officers wounded rose from the ground and raised their hands up. was noticeable that they were holding something, and instantly rang several explosions similar to the grenade. Obviously, the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major Alexander Kandesyuk and Alex Shepeliuk, not wanting to give up, blew themselves with numerically superior enemy, “- stressed in the Defense Ministry.
Reported that ATO command is preparing for submission to the President of Ukraine assigning died in the battle, Major Alexander Kandesyuku and Major Alexei Shepeliuk title Hero of Ukraine (posthumously).
Recall, near the city of Mariupol took Russian tanks. Also reported that in Mariupol started preparations for defense against Russian aggression.

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