More than two thousand workers a year cut in Ternopil

5086-300x218For 11 months in 2014 to local budgets in the region received 950 million of its own revenues. Performance for the period amounted to 101.5 percent. Compared to last year revenues increased by 25 million or 2.7%.

This is the chief financier Stephen Skybylyak area. He also noted that in case of payment of debts on wages by year’s end, the local budget by the end of 12 months will be met and sometimes exceeded.

The main source of local revenues is a tax on personal income. Of the 950 million USD 786 million it received. Top 100 taxpayers in paid 307 million hryvnia income tax on individuals, representing 40% of total revenues. Of these budgetary sphere saplacheno168 million. However, in some parts of the PIT decreased which was the reason for not executing local budgets.

– In Buchachsky region shortfall in income tax nearly million, – says Stephen Skybylyak, Director of Finance Toda. – In Husyatyn – 349 thousand Zboriv – 118 Shumsky – 607 thousand in Ternopil – 5.9 million. Reduced revenues “Buchachlishosp” – more than a million, LLC “Buchachahrohlibprom” – almost 500 thousand. Last year “Buchachahrohlibprom” tax paid on shares, received some compensation from the state budget at the rate of 1.5% at the minimum – 3%, and the loss to the budget immediately almost 500 thousand. In Husyatyn area there is a problem with the company “Mirum Management”. Last year it was paid nearly 4 million, and this – only 24 thousand. In addition, the red “Khorostkiv sugar-refineries sugar plant” by 332 thousand and Society “Dream Leasing” – 580 thousand. In Zboriv district YTD Zalozetskiy not working distillery, and a loss of tax in the amount of 225 thousand UAH. Reduced transfer tax farms of rental units, LLC “Gray Land Ukraine” by 152 thousand, LLC “Zborivski fields” 210 thousand. In Shumsky region company “Shumskahro” zmeshylo tax revenues by 161 thousand, Shumsky District Avtodor – 87 thousand, SE “Kremenets forestry” – 55 thousand, “Ahrolan” on 392 000. Reducing personal income tax on Ternopil 5.9 million. One of the objective reasons – reducing the number of staff from 68 thousand to 65.9 persons through the loss amounted to 2.9 million. In other areas though there is shortfall in income tax for individuals, but it is blocked, and reduced budgets are met.

For 11 months, 487 of the 633 completed budget revenues. Moreover plan received UAH 29 million. Along with the 146 local councils have not fulfilled revenue, and budgets nedooderzhano nearly 15 million. Following the implementation of the budget in 2014, as noted by Stephen Skybylyak, expected revenues in the amount of 1 billion 50 -1000000000 60 million USD. This year financiers expect to receive income in the budget of 1 billion 46 million, that is in the consolidated budget in the region will be more than 3%, but it is provided that the end of this year will be paid salary.

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