Two trolleys arrived from the Czech Republic In Ternopil

441-300x21825 December in Ternopil arrived two trolleys that were purchased this year in the Czech Republic within the project “Ecological Transport”. It tells the Mayor Sergei Nadal Ternopil, this year trolleybus depot replenished eight trolleybuses, six of which have run the city.

“In Ternopil we started the project” Ecological Transport “, in which the last three years, updated trolleybus fleet by 30%, that bought 18 new trolleybuses – says Sergey future. – This year we bought 8 trolleybuses, of which the latter two only arrived in town and soon take to the trails. The practice of updating trolley park will continue further. ”

According to the director KP “Ternopilelektrotrans” Andrew Mastyuha currently working on the company specialists unloading of trolley cars, design appropriate certification and customs procedures. Previously scheduled for release on the trolley line already in Old New Year.

By the way, in most trolleybuses already have free access to Wi-Fi Internet and television screens. And in the future it is planned to lay new Ternopil kilometers trolleybus lines to almost all districts were trolleybus traffic, it’s environmentally friendly and cheapest mode of transport.

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