U2 played on the same branch of the Berlin metro

Bono and the edge, the band of the Irish rock band U2 have played on the same branch of the Berlin metro. They presented the album “Song of Experience” – the first in 3 years.


Bono and the edge came to Berlin to visit Untergrundbahn 2 – metro line, the abbreviated name of which sounds like U2. On the platform of the Olympia-Stadion they sat in the last car, walked through the structure, talking and taking pictures with the passengers.

The musicians went to the station Deutsche Oper, where they were met by about 120 fans. The Irish put in front of an open guitar case with a note “Please help tip. Thank you.” And then free played 15-minute concert.

Sounded Sunday Bloody Sunday and other hits. In conclusion One composition, written in Berlin in the 1990s, Bono addressed the fans. The song is about that people should support each other, relevant to the present – said the soloist of U2.

U2 was founded in 1976, high school friends, Larry Mullen, the edge, Bono and Adam Clayton. By 2017, the group set a record for Grammy awards, winning 22 awards.