Uber throws in the towel in Denmark

The platform for booking cars with driver Uber announced on Tuesday that it was temporarily withdrawing from Denmark where a new regulation makes its activity in practice impossible.
“Uber has decided to stop working in Denmark because of the new law on taxis,” explained his spokesman in the Scandinavian country Kristian Agerbo at a press conference.
“This is not necessarily a farewell to Denmark, but in the state of legislation we can not continue,” he added, quoted by Ritzau agency.
Uber will officially be dormant on 18 April.
This announcement seemed inevitable since the adoption in February by a majority of parties represented in Parliament of a reform of the conditions of practice of the profession.
Prepared under the pressure of taxi drivers, this text, against which Uber had launched an online petition with nearly 40,000 signatures, requires special drivers to be equipped with a taximeter and seat occupancy detectors to Activate the airbags.
“A costly requirement (…) and useless because technology brings better and cheaper solutions,” Uber said.
Uber boasts 2,000 drivers and 300,000 customers since launching its mobile application in 2014 in Denmark.

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