UFO researcher reported a strange glow over Michigan

Witness an unidentified flying object in the United States in Michigan told the public about your encounter with the unknown, and UFO researcher decided to publish this data to make incident public.


Researcher of various phenomena of extraterrestrial nature found on one of the portals in the Network in a most likely story, written by a subordinate about his boss. In it a man claimed that his head collided with a UFO in the night highway in Michigan. Seeing a bright flash he stopped on the roadside and took off seen on his video camera. The author has described claims that he did not believe in these facts, until his boss showed him the photos.


It is the material made of the ufologists to share this discovery, because after enough tests, he said that the photos may be genuine. They depict the pillars of bluish light coming out of the ground that may be indicative of the launch of the spacecraft.