Ufologists reviewed old photos of the 50-ies of the alien ship

Ufologists from the US examined the old black-and-white photographs 1950-ies of three of the alien ship. According to them, the pictures were taken in the town of stark in the state of Maine.

Indicates that the images were made by the farmer a fraud. They allegedly captured three ships that fly over the house. However, a more serious experts in the reliability of these materials do not believe.

The fact is that during the boom, UFOs, aliens and all paranormalne it was very popular to make fake photos. People even specially made stuffed aliens, and then they conducted the operation, removing all on video. Then these materials were sold in Newspapers and major publications, and, unfortunately, ordinary citizens all believed.

The same thing likely happened with these pictures. Some of them can see that these alien ships are a toy and photographed on a specific background. It throws the light of the sun or lamp, which can be seen just to the left. If the ships were in the sky, the lighting would be natural and not artificial.