Ufologists: the earth’s atmosphere entered a giant alien ship

Representatives known in narrow circles of society BPEarthWatch involved in tracing the phenomena of the extraterrestrial variety, said that the earth’s atmosphere entered the alien ship on a gigantic scale. The data were sent to NASA.


Alien ship having dimensions of a few kilometers, according to representatives of the companies BPEarthWatch, the dimensions and external parameters resembles the UFO from the film “independence Day”. Ufologists have noticed that upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere, the ship gave signs of a collision with the ozone and oxygen layers, having these boundaries without any damage. According to experts, thanks to extraterrestrial technologies the alien vessel has escaped contact with the earth’s atmosphere, which burns most of the objects included in it at high speed.

Experts have reported the incident to NASA, however, the official response from the space Agency was not followed. Note that the assurances of the UFO entering the earth’s atmosphere, the ship was making a strange echo.