Ufologists: UFO spiral Spotted over the Rockies in the United States

Ufologists said the discovery of the spiral UFO over mountains in the United States, according to the newspaper “Version”.


According to experts in alien knowledge, he was seen
residents of Utah. The aliens could try to get in contact with people or
to carry out the colonization of the rocks.


Evidence of this has not yet led, surveys of the local
residents nothing. Previously there was information about clash of the population of Utah
with aliens. The study of ufologists gave them the opportunity to conclude that
certain evidence is genuine.

information is not currently confirmed, conducted some searches. At
experts say for the aliens, they have established their research
base to lock the second phase of the alien invasion, as previously
told renowned expert Scott Waring. It is worth noting that the version of
the presence on Earth of aliens currently not recognized by the majority
scientists, including ufologists.