Ufologists: United States delegated a group of people on the planet humanoids, Serpo


Ufologists believe that contact with humanity and extraterrestrial intelligence has already taken place. According to experts, the US government admits that in 1980-ies on the planet of the humanoids, Serpa was sent to the delegation.

Project SERPO has again attracted public attention. Ufologists believe that the contact of mankind with extraterrestrial intelligence took place during the crash of alien spacecraft in Roswell. According to experts, then was able to survive, one humanoid, who later was able to get in touch with their planet. American journalist who worked in the 1980-ies, said that after studying the material about the secret project SERPO it began to receive letters with evidence of flight of people on the planet, Serpo.

Ufologists said that planet of humanoids located 39 light years from Earth. The United States was able to delegate to this object a group of men expected that they will stay on earth for 10 years, but something went wrong and the journey was delayed. According to conspiracy theorists, not all were able to return home.

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