Ufologists US noticed the UFO, masquerading as the Sun

In the United States noticed a UFO that was disguised as the Sun. The opening belongs to UFO researcher Scott Waring.


Waring began to explore a phenomenon and to announce the sighting of a UFO hiding under the guise of the sun, in the sky above US. Scientists explain what they saw. In their opinion, seen by the US population object is the halo of the Sun. Witnesses of the incident did not agree with this hypothesis. According to them, the UFO was located at a great distance from the sun.

Eyewitnesses insist that the unidentified flying object was very reminiscent of the Sun and shone brightly for several minutes and then suddenly disappeared. Users of the world “web” began to inform their own versions of what happened. Some noted that this time managed to see the mysterious planet Nibiru, despite the denial of its existence to NASA.