UK banned wet wipes after ear with chopsticks

Великобритания запретит влажные салфетки вслед за ушными палочками

UK banned wet wipes after ear with chopsticks
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The power of the Kingdom fight against plastic, which clogs a sewer pipe. The problem will soon reach the level of the disaster.

The British government may prohibit the sale of wet wipes because of the threat to the environment and sewage system of the Kingdom. This was reported by the BBC.

The government has formed a plan to eliminate plastic waste. It includes the maximum selling various of household appliances, including plastic straws for drinks, q-tips, and other things.

Wet wipes in the plastic, and therefore do not decompose like regular paper. People flush them in the toilets. Thousands of tons of this substance clog the sewer pipes causing the accident.

In the UK 93% of cases of blockages of sewer pipes are the result of “napkin snowballs”.

Before the manufacturers will put a hard choice – either to cease production or to learn how to make napkins no plastic.

And 2042 in the Kingdom should disappear all plastic waste, but the most necessary, for example in medicine.

UK spends £ 61 million feet monthly on the pollution of the environment. This is the highest indicator among the EU countries. In the country thousands of private companies voluntarily follow the call of the government, refuse to use disposable plastic products.

A major British supermarket chain Iceland have refused from the sale of such items in all of its branches worldwide. After her British branch of McDonald’s has abandoned the plastic.

And in Ukraine?

In Ukraine for the year is formed of 51,900 tonnes of plastic waste. This is the official data of the state statistics service. No one kilogram of them was not burned for energy. All were taken to landfills under the open sky.

And that’s just on legal grounds. In Ukraine, more than 30 000 illegal dumps. With this scale the total number of plastic waste is much higher.


In the UK plan to ban the sale of plastic tubes and cotton swabs

A few years ago, in the fall of 2015, the Kingdom was driven by a levy of 5 pence on the purchase of plastic bags in supermarkets.


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