Ukraine and Argentina agreed on the extradition of offenders

Украина и Аргентина договорились о выдаче правонарушителей

The Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko during a working visit to Argentina have signed three intergovernmental agreements between Ukraine and Argentina: agreement on the transfer of sentenced persons, on extradition and on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. The Minister said on his page in Facebook.

“From now on, we guarantee return home and the prosecution of criminals who try to hide in Argentina. We can count on legal assistance and to receive important information from the Argentine side during carrying out investigative actions”, – said Petrenko.

According to him, the signed documents must ensure the rights of citizens of both countries, including those who have had problems with the law, on the territory of Ukraine and Argentina. The agreement must improve the efficiency of investigative actions in both countries.

“These documents, Ukraine has already signed with almost all European and most of the leading countries of the world,” he said.

The signed Treaty on the transfer of sentenced persons and the extradition of criminals provide that the Ukraine and Argentina have every reason to issue and demand the extradition of criminals suspected of committing certain crimes from each other at the request of law enforcement. Both States can now be arrested and pass each other suspected or accused of committing a crime (for trial), or persons already convicted by the judicial authorities of another state (for execution). When such a document was not among the countries, Ukraine or Argentina could refuse to each other in the issuance of a suspect, citing the lack of agreement between the two countries on the extradition of criminals.

Document on legal assistance in criminal matters imply that Argentina and Ukraine undertake to render one another the widest measure of legal assistance gathering evidence, obtaining witnesses, experts and accused persons, etc.

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