Ukraine could argue the advantage of its gas transportation system over the Northern stream-2, but it is not doing.

Украина могла бы аргументировать преимущество своей газотранспортной системы над Северным потоком-2, но она этого не делает, - эксперт

Ukraine could argue the advantage of its gas transportation system over the “Nord stream-2”, but she doesn’t. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”, said the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky, commenting on the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, where leaders will discuss energy issues and the “Nord stream-2”.

“I think I will discuss two points – the question of the timing of the construction and granting of permission of Denmark. Will discuss the topic whether you want to do this project to restore, by definition, because Germany is primarily interested in the implementation of the “Nord stream-2″ as one of the major infrastructure projects, which allows Germany to get enough of the powerful advantages, leverage in the European gas market,” he said.

“We saw the reaction from the EU, which said it would take the company participating in the “Nord stream-2” under the US sanctions, that is, to create conditions as conducive to their work that sanctions have not worked. An important element is the Ukraine, which could in these negotiations and in General, the issue of “North stream-2”, to give strong arguments both United States and European partners. But, unfortunately, we do not. The arguments are actually, our advantage, the advantage of our transmission system over the “Nord stream-2″. This is the main mistake of Kiev today in this situation,” he added.

We will note, according to the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Victor Medvedchuk, the main task of Kiev is to save gas transit route through Ukraine.

“The majority of Germans are confident that the implementation of the “Nord stream ― 2″ will make a more reliable supply Germany with natural gas. The Europeans are not inclined to politicize the construction of a new pipeline. Consumers in the EU are guided only by economic expediency, and looking for ways of diversifying their risks in the energy sector. To keep the same transit route through Ukraine ― the task of Kiev. And yet the only chance not to lose neither the transit nor the GTS is the creation of a trilateral gas transportation consortium Ukraine ― Russia ― EU”, – he said.

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