Ukraine de-energized pumping station for supplying water to Lugansk

Peter pumping station, relating to Popasnjanska utilities have been disconnected from the energy supply side of the Ukrainian state. The shutdown of the plant for supplying water to Lugansk occurred in the area of 13:40 Moscow time on December 5.


The company “Lugansk energy Association” in your account on the social network Facebook published the information that yesterday was discontinued power supply to the pumping station that provides water in some settlements near Lugansk and part of the city. The company said that the outage was guilty only outstanding debt, and the political overtones in this decision no.

It will be recalled that earlier there were reports about the committed bombings Crimean gas pipeline, which could be a result of sabotage on the part of Ukraine, but the data have not been confirmed. Note that the debt which was disabled pumping station amounted to 162 million hryvnia.