Ukraine has banned the import of English textbook in which it was alleged that Kiev was capital of Russia

Украина запретила ввоз учебника по английскому, в котором утверждалось, что Киев был столицей России

Ukraine refused to allow Russian LLC “Publishing house “Arias” and “akabu trade” in issuing permits for the importation from the territory of the Russian Federation of two books, which contain propaganda of the aggressor state. About it reports a press-service of the state Committee.

In particular, in the textbook M. A., Gatskevich “English for pupils and students: topics, exercises, dialogues,” which tried to import into Ukraine, LLC “Publishing house “Arias” in the texts for translation from English claimed that Kiev was the capital of Russia. In addition, the textbook falsified historical facts.

According to experts, it is a manifestation of the propaganda of manipulative technologies of the aggressor state.

In another book – “Spy. 12 women who risked everything”, the import of which the state Committee has not given permission, OOO “akabu trade”, there are signs of propaganda of the aggressor state, in particular, its law enforcement agencies.

We will remind, on may 22, 2017 entered into force the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, according to which distributors of publishing products from Russia and from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine must obtain permission from USBC on the import of printing products.

As of 7 August 2018 starting from 22 may 2017, the state Committee issued to business entities permission to import 18 826 thousand names of publishing products from the territory of the aggressor state and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

At the same time, the Committee has provided 63 refusal to issue import licences 235 500 copies of the anti-Ukrainian contents, and also took a decision to revoke the one previously issued permits.

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