Ukraine has filed a lawsuit with the ECHR on Russia’s violation of the rights of Ukrainian political prisoners

Украина подала иск в ЕСПЧ о нарушении Россией прав украинских политзаключенных

Ukraine has filed a lawsuit in the European court of human rights against Russia for violations of the rights of Ukrainian political prisoners. About this on his page in Facebook said the Deputy Minister of justice, Commissioner for the ECHR Ivan Hazel.

“We just filed a new interstate complaint before the European court of human rights concerning Ukrainian political prisoners of the Kremlin,” wrote Hazel.

He noted that the statement describes violations for 71 the prisoner.

In particular, the Ukrainian government alleges systemic violations by the Russian Federation of the Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms: article 3 (prohibition of torture and degrading conduct), article 5 (personal liberty), article 6 (fair trial), article 8 (respect for private and family life), article 10 (freedom of expression), article 13 (effective remedy), article 18 (prohibition of use allowed by the Convention of restrictions on rights for purposes other than those for which they have been prescribed) in respect of the citizens of Ukraine, which Russia pursues political reasons.

“Regarding Cliche, Baluja, cook and Litvinov additionally submitted application under Rule 39 providing adequate medical support and information on health status,” added Hazel.

Note that this is the sixth lawsuit, which supplies Ukraine against Russia. 2 cases related to the annexation of Crimea and violations of human rights on the Peninsula, 2 violations in the Donbas. 1 claim for export to Russia of a group of children from Donbass.

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