Ukraine is ranked 88th place in the global rankings of quality of life

Украина заняла 88-е место в общемировом рейтинге качества жизни

Ukraine is ranked 88th place in the global ranking of quality of life in 2017. The rating was compiled by the United Nations development Programme, Deutsche Welle reports.

The index defining the country’s place in the ranking, determined by such indicators as life expectancy, level of education and income. Ukraine was estimated at 0,751 score (maximum 1) and took 88th place out of 189 countries.

First in 2017 was Norway with an index of 0,953. In second place is Switzerland with an index of gravity 0,944, and the third is Australia with a score of 0,939. On the fourth and fifth place was Ireland and Germany with indexes and 0,939 0,938 respectively.

Also in the top ten included Iceland, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore and the Netherlands.

The best indicator among the CIS countries showed Estonia – 30-th place with an index 0,871. Poland has occupied 33-e a place, Slovakia – 38-e, Hungary – 45-E.

Russia in the global rating took 49th place, Belarus – 53-E.

At last, 189-th place in the ranking was the Niger.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine took the 24th place in the global ranking of passports.

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