Ukraine Now: the Brand of Ukraine received one of the most prestigious design awards Red Dot Award the 2018

Ukraine Now: Бренд Украины получил одну из самых престижных дизайнерских наград Red Dot Award 2018

Brand Ukraine Ukraine Now has one of the most prestigious design awards Red Dot Award the 2018. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said on the page in Facebook.

The prize will be awarded at an official ceremony on 26 October in Berlin.

“Branding Ukraine Now has one of the most prestigious awards in the world Red Dot design. This recognition of our creative industry and a great promotion of the country,” he wrote, Groisman.

The work that received this award are exhibited in the leading Museum of contemporary design the Red Dot in Essen (Germany).

We will remind that on may 10, 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the brand of Ukraine Now Ukraine to promote the country in the world.

The Red Dot Award – international design award, which is more than 50 years. It awards the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen. In 2018, the competition was attended by 8,600 jobs from 45 countries. Each performance is evaluated by an expert jury which knows nothing about the authors of the design. The jury evaluates the different aspects of design: quality, innovation, and vision of the product that leaves the design. The decision to award members of the jury are taken after discussions among themselves, it must be unanimous.

The prize is awarded in three nominations: industrial design (product design), communication design (advertising) and conceptual design. This year was provided by 48 categories. In each of the three categories have their winners and some of the best works in their category that also receive awards.

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